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Ecological & Environmental Considerations

We are ecologically & environmentally friendly


We are a small, family run business and as such recognize that our operations could have an impact on the environment. We also recognize that environmental efficiency is an opportunity for us not only to reduce that impact but also to reduce costs. We have made a conscious decision to minimize the impact our business has on the environment and will encourage our guests to join us in being environmentally responsible.


We will seek to eliminate all chemicals, plastic and environmentally damaging products from our operations.


We will minimize the use of paper.
We will use recycled products whenever possible.
We will reuse paper if possible.


We will seek to use as little water and energy as possible
We will ensure all guest rooms have heating thermostats fitted to ensure rooms
are comfortable and to avoid heating rooms unnecessarily
We will switch off all lights and appliances when not required and ask guests to
do likewise
We will take into account energy efficiency for any new products purchased


We will encourage guests to reuse towels rather than opt for single-use
We will only change bedding for guests staying longer than 7 nights unless
We use the Eco-egg for all machine washing
We dry all washing outside whenever possible
We take care to fold washing and only iron what really needs it


We will purchase goods locally and seek to choose locally grown products where ever possible.
We will look to minimize waste by encouraging guests to influence portion sizes.
We will plan carefully to ensure shopping visits are kept to a minimum
We will look to buy goods with a minimum of packaging


We will favour more environmentally friendly products
We will clean bathrooms without the use of running water where it is practical to do so
We will separate our waste recycling as much as is possible


Any refurbishment will be done with a view to maximizing energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint


We will ensure our website provides accurate up to date information on finding us if using public transport
We will keep vehicle use to a minimum


We will comply with all relevant regulatory requirements
We will look to continually improve our environmental performance
We will consider the environment when making business decisions
We will review our policy annually updating it as necessary